Some social media influencers use their influence for evil; on the other hand, you have those like Tee George. Tee lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and wanted to learn how to ski and decided to book a trip to Wyoming to learn.

Wyoming offers many locations to learn how to strap skis or a snowboard on your feet and zip down a mountain. Tee chose to check out one of the Ski Resorts that Forbes put inside their Top 10 Best Ski Resorts for the money, the Snowy Range Ski & Recreation area. 

Learning How To Ski In Wyoming Is A Good Choice
@_asipoftee_ via Instagram Tee George

When they got on site, they were fitted for their skis and then met with their ski instructor, Todd.

Learning How To Ski In Wyoming Is A Good Choice
@_asipoftee_ via Instagram Tee George

The resort offers multiple levels of ski lessons.

  • These are lessons for those who have never gone skiing or snowboarding.
  • Those who have little experience and want to get better.
  • Those who are just looking to improve their skills.

If you've ever been to Georgia, you know there aren't many places to learn to ski. Coming to Wyoming is a great choice, and after watching Tee's recap of the trip, I'll bet she'll be back.

Tee may have chosen the Snowy Range Ski Area to learn, but Wyoming is full of skiing opportunities.

Travel Wyoming has all the hot spots to check out for skiing.

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