In light of a report of someone allegedly being scammed while trying to buy a puppy on Facebook, police in Green River are warning people to be careful when making such purchases.

Green River Police are warning people to be careful when buying anything on Facebook from an unknown seller. Police say that in the Green River case the buyer sent a $200.00 deposit for the puppy, but was then blocked by the seller and never received the puppy.

Police then contacted the supposed seller, but she said that her Facebook account had been hacked and that she had never had any puppies for sale. Police offered the following advice:

''Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens more and more these days, a good way to protect your self is change your passwords regularly and use unique strong passwords. Don't send money without viewing the item in person. Check out the seller's details, look how long they have been on Facebook. If they have only been on Facebook for less than a day it is probably not a real account.'

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