Justin Moore‘s voice can be heard on the forthcoming Josh Thompson album, featured on the tune ‘Livin’ Like Hank,’ which hopefully will be something fans will get a preview of this summer when the two hit the road on the 2012 Country Throwdown Tour.

“Hopefully we’ll get to do that live,” Moore tells Taste of Country. “It’s a good song … I wish I had written it [laughs]! It was fun to get to do that in the studio with Josh.”

Collaborating together in the studio and on the road is something both Moore and Thompson have mentioned before in the past, ever since they were on Brad Paisley’s H2O Tour back in 2010.

“We haven’t talked about it for a while, because over the holiday break, nobody talks about music,” notes Moore. “We kind of go our separate ways, but it will be a good time being back out there with Josh. Hopefully it will be good timing for us to maybe write some songs together … maybe do something together on my next album.”

As far as what content Moore’s next album will contain, anything is possible, seeing how he just started putting thought into the project this past week. “I kind of feel like I’m behind the 8-ball a little bit,” Moore admits. “There are a handful of songs that I’ve written that haven’t made the first two albums that hopefully will make this album. Then we’ll kind of build off that. I’m going to start really bearing down on writing for a new album here in this next week. I’m going to have Rhett [Akins] out on the road with me soon, so hopefully we can write some songs together [for this next album].”

In the meantime, fans can enjoy Moore’s latest single, ‘Bait a Hook,’ which was co-written by the singer and Akins. Moore is currently criss-crossing the country on Blake Shelton‘s Well Lit and Amplified Tour. Click here for a list of dates where the tour will be stopping in the coming weeks.

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