Kacey Musgraves brought KM's Cafe and her hit single 'Blowin' Smoke' to the stage at the 2013 CMT Awards on Wednesday.

The song and the video bemoan Average Jane, small town life, toiling in a dead-end job at a diner, refilling coffee mugs for those just passing through onto the next stop. The singer recreated that backdrop for her live performance, and it was effective in helping to hammer home the song's point about making your way through and surviving life's doldrums.

Musgraves is a real stunner, with her brown waves, killer body and gorgeous face. Tonight, she was summer cutie in a pair of short shorts, an American flag t-shirt and a denim jacket while she belted out her song. She dressed the part of the country girl next door, despite being quite the looker. All of these elements combined, including her lazy drawl delivery and storytelling ability, served to further her connect her to the genre.

Judging from the crowd's reaction and to Musgaves herself, it appears that she is breaking through and slowly but surely mounting her ascent to the top of the country food chain, leaving those behind her to eat her dust and to choke on her 'Smoke.'

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