Kip Moore’s new single “She’s Mine,” which he wrote nearly a decade ago, tells the story of a person looking for love behind every corner and in every crowd. So one is left to wonder – is Kip Moore still looking for that special someone?

The long answer to that simple question is yes.

“I think people put a lot of perimeters and lines and they box their own self in in life in general,” Moore tells Taste of Country during a recent interview in Chicago. “I grew up in the South and there is a lot of that. Everyone has been told how to live and told what their existence should look like, and everyone is fearful of going against that grain.”

The multi-platinum singer-songwriter stops for a moment, and then continues.

“Me? I always march to the beat of my own drum, and I have always lived with a heart that’s open, so I welcome all changes in my life,” he says quietly. “I welcome new adventures and new possibilities, and I never keep the door shut on anything.”

This ongoing search for love and contentment is something that fans are sure to hear just beneath the surface of some of the songs he is currently cooking up for his next album.

“I think there are a lot of questions about who I am and where I fit in and what does God look like to me and those kinds of things in this next album,” explains Moore, who will kick off the third leg of his Room to Spare: Acoustic Tour this fall. “I’m always searching for the answers, but I don’t think we ever truly come to a complete and absolute. I think it's about trying to find your own peace and joy and your own comfort, whatever that is."

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