Kip Moore recently launched an online campaign against hate called, “Be the Change.” The video starts out with mixed race friends playing in a park oblivious to their own different colors.

At the end, Kip suggests how people become hateful. They get it taught to them young at an impressionable age. Where ever they got it, hate is something they learn.

Kip Moore will be headlining the Cowboy Kickoff in Laramie Sept. 3 with Wyoming native/Nashville recording artist Josh Door.

Those who know their old musicals may have heard that from the movie, “South Pacific.” Executives asked Rogers & Hammerstein to cut one number.

Does this seem controversial for the era? “You’ve Got to be taught to hate, by the time you’re 6 or 7 or 8". Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein insisted that the song was their reason for doing the entire show. In short, that if that song goes, they go. It stayed.