Have you ever heard the quote:

See, I'm like Eliot Ness. I always get my man. I'm that good.

It probably should be used from now on by the investigators at Yellowstone National Park.

Back in May there was a widely viewed video of a park visitor taking pictures of a Grizzly Momma and her cubs. Not an issue...BUT, as the Grizzly family got closer...this visitor didn't get further away. Even though other park guests were encouraging her to return to her car, the woman held her ground...until momma bluff charged her! She then vacated the premises.

Here's the problem for this woman, everyone in the immediate area was walking around with a video camera, multiple social media accounts and the wherewithal to get evidence for authorities.

A photo was posted to the parks Socials asking for help finding her...guess what...they did! After a couple months of investigating, they were able to determine the identity of the woman and got a warrant for her social media accounts. She was a visitor from Illinois  and now faces a whole bunch of criminal charges.

It pains us to have to repeatedly say..."Stay away from the wildlife"! Park officials urge at least 300 feet between you and the bears that live in the park.

This woman's mistake of avoiding the rules is haunting her I'm sure. What was supposed to be a great vacation with long lasting memories has now turned into a great vacation (at the time) with long lasting memories and maybe a criminal record.

The excitement of seeing these incredible animals is sometimes overwhelming and a wrong split second decision could end your life. Let's all be careful out there!

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