Following the discovery of a Nazi flag being flown at Washington Park in Laramie on the morning of July 30th, community members rallied quickly to show that such an act in their town would not be tolerated.

In a large crowd of supporters, some of which held LGBT flags, sported American Flag clothing, or protest signs that read "Stop Hate," speakers and community members discussed the incident and it's impact on the town of Laramie.

The flag was discovered at the flag pole next to the Washington Park band-shell early Monday morning, with the American flag crumpled and thrown to the side of the band-shell. Laramie Police Department responded to the call, taking down the Nazi flag and replacing it with the stars and stripes that usually ordain the pole.

Event organizer, Emily Greaser, says "The aim is to offer a space for community groups and members to respond in a way that strengthens community by embracing dialogue and inclusivity." The event featured several prominent figures in the community speaking out about the display, as well as a movement to bring together the community with a "No Hate in My Town" campaign to follow.  "The shared experience will be a strong message in response... there is no space for hate!" says Greaser.

Courtesy of Emily Greaser
Courtesy of Emily Greaser

Though the case is not technically criminal, Laramie Police Department is still searching for information about the case. If you have any information, please call the non-emergency dispatch at 307-721-2526. 

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