Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media
Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media


The Democratic nominee for Laramie County District Attorney has resigned from the board that oversees the Cheyenne Animal Shelter (CAS).

Lynn Boak announced the decision on her campaign Facebook page Monday:

"For eight years, I have been proud to serve on the board of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.After the terrible treatment that Tanner endured, I voted to ask for Bob Fecht's resignation.

As a board member, I was required to publicly stand by the board's decision to merely suspend Mr. Fecht. I cannot pretend to agree with this decision, and have therefore resigned as a member of the board.

I will continue to support the mission of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, for the sake of the animals the shelter serves.

I encourage my former colleagues who voted with me to also resign in protest at a majority vote being dismissed, particularly to defend such an egregious violation of animal rights and care standards.

Our community is better than Mr. Fecht's actions, and I am proud to finally be able to publicly stand with those who seek justice for Tanner.''

Boak's statement appears to say a majority of the board members voted to ask for CAS CEO and President  Bob Fecht's resignation. Since the organization's bylaws require a 2/3 majority vote to remove the CEO, it is possible that a majority could vote for his resignation without him being forced to step down.

The CAS board announced last week that Fecht would be suspended without pay for 60 days for ordering an animal shelter employee to pepper spray a pit bull mix named Tanner the day after the dog bit a CAS employee.

Boak faces Leigh Anne Manlove on the November election ballot for Laramie County District Attorney.

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