From a fenced-off and neglected fixture in the Laramie community to a thriving and vibrant project that continues to expand. The Laramie Skatepark has seen a lot of change over the past half-decade, and now the non-profit, Friends of Laramie Skatepark, is asking for funds to continue improving and expanding the park.

"The greatest thing that you can learn at a skate park," said Josh Kaffer who is with the organization. "Is how to take measured risks and get back up when you fall.

Kaffer thinks that the upcoming expansion projects for the park will help give spaces to beginners to test out their skills, as well as new challenges for experienced skaters. Friends of the Laramie Skatepark are holding a project donation blitz this upcoming week, from Tuesday August 20, to September 3rd, as deadlines for grants are coming up.

"Many large granting bodies need non-profit organizations (like us) to hit a 20% funds raised before they will commit to a project. The Tony Hawk Foundation is one of these grants, and their deadline is Sept 3rd." Said the facebook event for the donation blitz.

The Friends of the Laramie Skatepark have collected $35,116.80 so far, and need help reaching the very achievable goal of $38,000 before the funding deadlines. If you're interested in helping, you can commit to giving a few bucks a year to help them get those funds on the books today.

With a robust skatepark, activities for children, adults, and tourists alike are plentiful. "Whether it's skateboarders, quad skaters, BMX bikers, or the kid just starting out," Kaffer said. He envisions a skate park that draws professionals to stop in our small community, and a place where it's all self-determination: You challenge yourself at the skate park, without a coach to tell you what you should focus on. You get help from those around you, and that's the kind of community that the Friends of the Laramie Skatepark hope to foster.

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