Laramie Tropes Burlesque, Laramie's own locally produced burlesque troupe, will be performing their all new review Happy Endings Saturday March 9th at the Gryphon Theater.

Jade has been a performer for Tropes Burlesque since the troupe's inception nearly two years ago.  "My roommate and I were playing around on facebook," Jade says.  "We found an event created by Ginny Woolf, asking for performers, because she wanted to start a burlesque troupe.  We went to the first practice and have been involved ever since."

Jade says that the evening will include a variety of entertainments.  "We have a few different comedy acts, some different skits, a drag queen, some Irish step dancing.  So it's just a big vaudeville variety show, it'll be a lot of fun."

That being said, the evening is not for the youngsters.  Happy Endings will include some risque content, including some stripping.  "There's no nudity technically," Jade says.  "But there is some stripping, so the audience needs to be eighteen-years-old and up."

The troupe has chosen the theme of Fantasy & Fairy Tails done adult style for Happy Endings, and is featuring all new never-before-seen acts.

I.D.s will be checked at the door and a cash bar will be available for audience members over 21 years old.

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