Pizza delivery personnel work just as hard as most restaurant servers for their tips.  Most people will tip at least 10% of the total bill if not more.  And why not?  These kind folks deliver food to your house so you don't have to leave.  The tip this driver received was insulting given the amount the bill totaled up to.

Lousy Tip

The driver vented his frustration online, like most people nowadays,  after receiving $10 on a $1,453.93 bill.  That is not even 1%.  Even if the driver was tipped only 10% he would have received almost $150.  This driver delivered 85 pizzas for this order, which I'm sure was not done in one trip.  What is the standard tip for pizza delivery is widely debated.  Some tip 10%, others 15-20%, I've even seen it suggested that it should be $2 per pizza.  All of those tip options would be greatly better than one he received.  It just goes to show; don't give a lousy tip or you will end up on the internet.

The question remains.  How much do you tip a pizza delivery person?  Take the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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