Singer-songwriter Lisa Bell offers a literal take on her song "Back Seat" for The Boot's newest Guest Room Sessions installment. Press play above to watch the stripped-down rendition of the track.

As is apropos considering the song's title, Bell headed to the backseat of her own SUV to perform this version of "Back Seat," which she describes as an "anthem for empty-nesters." For the performance, she's joined by fellow artist Andy Ard, who co-wrote "Back Seat" alongside Bell.

"Andy and I wrote this song a few years ago, right after a significant birthday," Bell tells The Boot. She hopes the song will encourage those in the same position "to continue to explore and expand upon aspirations that may have been put aside for a while."

"Back Seat" is the title track of -- and Bell's favorite song from -- her recently released fifth album, which she wrote mostly at an "off-the-grid" cabin in the Colorado wilderness. The project takes full advantage of its setting, too: It's interspersed with ambient nature sounds including bird calls, rain and rivers that Bell recorded with the help of her son and emerging DJ, Brendan.

"My son is just beginning with his music career, but I’m not close to being done
with mine," Bell says. "I’m finding my own voice and my own style of writing, rather than being heavily influenced by others. And I’m happy to be behind the wheel again.”

Fans can keep up with Bell's tour schedule and learn more about Back Seat at

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