They're calling it the "Mushroom Rally," and it's happening across 16 different cities in the United States this spring. The Mile-High city will be one of them, and you'll have an opportunity to participate in a real-life Mario Kart inspired race.

The race is open to all ages, as long as you're at least 4 feet tall, and the exact location is being kept a closely guarded secret until the race gets closer. Tickets are $55 and include a costume to wear. You'll collect stars to be used to win prizes, and if you're the winner of the event, you'll also get to compete in the Grand Finale in Las Vegas for a chance to win the "Mushroom Rally USA" Title.

Tickets for the event are extremely limited, but you can pick yours up here. And good luck to all of the Princess Peaches and Marios heading out to compete!

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