While the current weather might not be ideal for a bike ride, it is certainly that time of year to take advantage of the bike trails in and around Cheyenne. And right on cue, just this morning, Mayor Patrick Collins signed a proclamation declaring the month of May as Bike Month.

Cheyenne residents and visitors alike are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous bike trails throughout the city by going for a bike ride, as well as races, community events, and educational programs throughout the community. Through the trail and road systems in and around Cheyenne and Laramie County during this time of year, bicyclists are often out enjoying the scenery, tourism, while also biking as a source of transportation.

Bike riding not only encourages health and wellness throughout the Cheyenne community, but also helps the quality of life by road congestion, pollution, and certainly doesn't tear up the roads. According to a press release, the proclamation also notes the importance of public awareness of bicyclists to help focus on bike safety, such as reducing collisions, injuries, and fatalities.

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The public is also encouraged to celebrate Bike Month in Cheyenne by taking advantage of the Cheyenne Greenway system. It is the 30th anniversary of the Greater Cheyenne Greenway and they are asking the general public to submit stories, pictures, and videos from their experiences with the Cheyenne Greenway system. This can be done on social media using the hashtag, #Greenway30.

The Greater Cheyenne Greenway is a concrete path that runs throughout the city that bicyclists and pedestrians can use as it helps to connect neighborhoods, schools, and much more throughout the Cheyenne community. Currently, the existing stretches of the Greenway are Crow Creek, Dry Creek, and Allison Draw. The ongoing efforts and goals for the Greater Cheyenne Greenway hope to fill in gaps so that neighborhoods throughout the entire Cheyenne community can be connected.

In any event, as the weather improves and temperatures warm up throughout May, it's definitely a great time to take the bike out for a ride during Bike Month in Cheyenne.

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