Multi-platinum singer/song-writer Sara Evans is ushering in the 100th year of the city of Mills on Saturday, June 12th, according to a press release put out by the city. Mills is hosting its Centennial Celebration from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on that day with a celebration that is, quite literally, one hundred years in the making.

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The day’s celebrations will begin with a 5K run, organized by Windy City Striders at approximately 9 a.m. Following that is a parade in front of First Interstate Bank on SW Wyoming Boulevard, as well as a kickoff ceremony in front of the Mills City Hall.

The celebration is taking place in conjunction with Mills’ annual Summer Fest, which is free to attend for all ages. The festival will include bouncy houses, a dunk tank, food trucks, a 100th anniversary ‘create your own tye-dye-t-shirt, a ride along train, vendors, activities, a car show, and more.

Additionally, there will be a concert featuring the aforementioned Evans who, according to the release, is the fifth most-played female artist in country radio for the last two decades. Her five Number One singles include ‘No Place That Far,’ ‘Suds in the Bucket,’ ‘A Real Fine Place to Start,’ ‘Born to Fly,’ and ‘A Little Bit Stronger.’

In addition to Evans, the event will also feature Casper-native and Season 3 of the Voice contestant, Aquile. Day Drinkers, a local Casper band, will also be rocking the proverbial house, playing tunes that all know and can sing along to.

Per the release: “Mills was established in 1921 as a sand and gravel community in support of the oil fields and refineries in the nearby towns of Casper and Midwest. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, workers hauled string teams—teams of 12 to 18 horses or mules pulling a train, or string, of several wagons holding tanks of oil to and from the Salt Creek Oil Field, beginning 20 miles north of Mills.

The refining of oil required vast quantities of water only available locally at the North Platte River. As the refining expanded, there was a need for sand and gravel to use in construction of the tank farms and roadways. The Mills Construction Company, located in Mills, had the major contract to supply sand and gravel to the refinery for this construction. As Mills grew in population, over 500 residents decided there was a need for local government and thus formed present day Mills, WY. As of 2020, Governor Mark Gordon certified Mills as a Wyoming First Class City, now inhabited with over 4,000 residents and a multitude of diverse businesses.”

For more information on the day’s events, contact Community Development Director Sabrina Kemper at 307-439-1254.

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