The second single from Neal McCoy‘s ‘XII’ album is a breezy little country swinger called ‘Shotgun Rider.’ The song fits under one’s arm sweetly, much like the girl the singer is trying to romance.

As with most songs on the album, ‘Shotgun Rider’ benefits from Blake Shelton‘s steady production help. A track like this could easily derail into cheeseball territory, but McCoy’s version stays safely on the side of relevant.

Hey there baby where’d you get that smile / Make a country boy walk a country mile / You’re sweet like a peach from a Georgia farm / Got a honey suckle kiss that will break a boys heart,” he sings to open the song. From the first notes, ‘Shotgun Rider’ is a head-bopper and it doesn’t let up. A strong lyric is almost lost in the contagious melody.

Come on baby be my shotgun rider / Cruise through the country maybe pull an all-nighter / Every little Bonnie needs a Clyde beside her / Come on baby be my shotgun rider,” he sings during the second chorus before a bridge that neatly wraps up the story.

Sure like to see your hair in the wind / The moonlight dancing on your skin / Wake up in the morning head towards the sun / Like a couple outlaws on the run.”

There’s a little danger weaved into the innocence of McCoy’s tale of two lovers disappearing for a night. ‘Shotgun Rider’ may send you to a place or bring back a memory with wild emotions that still burn in your heart, but it does it in a playful way that makes it easy to hear over and over again.

4 Stars

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