Netflix just announced some bittersweet news. There will be a season 6 of Longmire, but it will be the final season. They are hoping to end in way that will keep fans happy. Unlike the conclusions of shows like Dexter or Lost which upset fans. Or then there are the shows like Heroes which just gradually fell apart and lost all their viewers in the process. The producers want to end the show on a good note.

We are grateful to Netflix for the opportunity to compose a closing chapter for these beloved characters that inspires lasting memories. Most importantly, we’re committed to delivering a dynamic and satisfying conclusion to our fans that rewards their longtime loyalty - executive producers Greer Shephard, Hunt Baldwin, and John Coveny wrote in a press release.

Wyoming loves Walt Longmire. In a lot of ways Walt represents the Cowboy States values. It could be said the Walt is Wyoming. Theodore Roosevelt probably would agree that Walt is a man who speaks softly but carries a big stick. Thankfully, Craig Johnson is still writing Longmire novels. So once Netflix puts their story to rest, we can turn off the TV and pick up a good book.