Registered nurses are in high demand from hospitals to assisted living centers in Wyoming. ranked Wyoming as the 2nd best state for opportunities and competition for RNs.

More specific to nursing professionals are the various day-to-day demands placed on them, such as mandatory overtime, overstaffing, unionization and allegations of systemic disrespect. Despite those challenges, however, aspiring nurses have much to look forward to upon certification. - John S Kiernan of wrote.

Compared to the rest of the country the Cowboy State placed 12th best. The top five states for nurses are Washington, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, and Iowa. The worst states for nurses are South Carolina, Alabama, Hawaii, Louisiana, and in last place the District of Columbia.

What kept Wyoming out of the top five states were the points from work environment where we placed  41st. This ranking came from things like mandatory overtime, work hours, and average commute.

Nurses in Wyoming make more money than most. Our state ranked second for highest annual salary (with adjusted cost of living.)  WalletHub also took into consideration the average salary, number of facilities, number of elderly people per capita, and number of nurses per capita. Nevada was the only state with a better rating.

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