Have you ever ordered a pizza through an ad? How about ordering your pizza while watching your favorite movie or television show?Well....coming to your Hulu screen (if you subscribe to their service), you will soon be able to order your favorite Pizza Hut pizza. I'm partial to the Meat Lover's Pizza myself.

Also later this summer, the beer maker Corona is planning on releasing various drink recipes through Hulu.

Hulu's "in-stream purchase unit" will be used to market other products and services in the near future. How about taking a 360-degree view of a new car? This is just one of the ways advertisers are planning on delivering advertising to you.

Would you rather place an order through the regular way you order your pizza, or would you like to order your pizza while watching a TV show or movie through Hulu?

I'm okay with these new ways of delivering ads although a lot of us wish there was a way to opt out of ads altogether.