City of Laramie officials say an out of-service lift has caused a delay in fixing a traffic light at 21st and Grand.

According to David Derragon, Assistant City Manager, the light began flashing last week after a wind storm caused damage to the light. As a result of the storm, wires in the southeast pole at the intersection need to be replaced.

Derragon says the lift on the City’s truck is currently out of service until a hydraulic cylinder is replaced. The city hopes to have the lift up and running this week.

Derragon notes other options to fix the light have been attempted.

“Without success, several different options to fix the light without the lift truck were tried,” said Derragon via email. “None worked longer than half a day.”

Derragon says that once the truck is repaired, the signal at 21st and Grand will be fixed and back into full service.

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