Not since we put a man on the moon has one small step been such a big one.

Nick Balenger, a high school student from Burke, Virginia, who was paralyzed last summer in a swimming accident, walked across the stage earlier this week to get his diploma during his graduation ceremony.

Nick managed to walk 50 feet with the aid of a walker, his most recent victory after months of hard work. His accomplishment earned a standing ovation from those in attendance:

Ever since I got hurt I said my goal was to be on stage walking across and going down the steps. It feels great to accomplish it...I was focusing on walking. I almost got blown over by everybody just screaming. It was awesome. It felt great."

Nick, who had previously wowed his classmates when he stood up at the school's homecoming game, has designs on continuing to overcome obstacles. While doctors say he can recover to about 95%, he is aiming to return to 100%.

Don't bet against him. Watch a report on this brave student below.

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