Growing up in Wyoming is a difficult thing for outsiders to understand. There are a few things that set us apart from everyone else.

Recently, Buzzfeed posted their "18 Undeniable Signs You Went To High School In A Small Town." This is our Wyoming spin on that story...


  • Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media
    Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

    Friday Night Football Was A Major Event

    Friday's meant school spirit, pep rallies, and football under the lights!

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    If You Weren't In FFA, Your Friends Were

    Even if you didn't grow up on a farm, you probably spent time with your friends on one.

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    You Dated A Friend's Ex

    It's not that you were trying to hurt your friend's feelings, there just weren't that many dating options.

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    You Hung Out In Parking Lots

    There weren't a ton of options for places to hang out on a Saturday night, so you likely made the most of a parking lot. My classmates hung out at the parking lot in front of the police station... probably not the best idea.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    You Were In An Argument About Who Had The Best Truck

    The "truck-guys" and maybe even "truck-girls" took an extraordinary amount of pride in their rides. Some Tongue River High School students showed off their pride this year with "Redneck Truck Races." 

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    Your Siblings Ruined Everything For You

    If your sibling had a bad reputation with teachers, they assumed you would be just like they were. If your siblings were great students, the bar was much higher for you.

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    Going To Lunch At A Fast Food Restaurant Made You Cool

    If you had an open campus at lunch time, you've never felt so cool eating a Big Mac or grabbing some Dairy Queen.

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    A New Student Was A Big Deal

    People didn't move into your town that often, so the new kid, or foreign exchange student was incredibly exciting.

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    Your Mix Tape Had At Least A Couple Country Songs

    If you were a fan of rock or rap, you probably also snuck a country song or two into your playlist once in a while.

  • Spencer Platt, Getty Images
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images

    You Never Had A Snow Day

    Several feet of snow? Good luck, because school happens no matter what the weather in Wyoming does. You may need to call one of your friends who brags about their truck for a ride.

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