I unashamedly think cows and bulls are the cutest things. They're like giant, kinda dumb dogs. We had a story not too long ago about poor Tex the Bull who accidentally popped his favorite bouncy ball (Don't worry he got another one.) This bull with his rancher takes it one step further and went shopping for a new fancy toy together.

Petco is known for their policy on shopping with your furry friends with signs that say "All Pets Welcome," and this rancher certainly put it to the test.

Look at how cute he is when he carefully turns his head to fit his horns through the door! The Ankole-Watus Bull's name is Oliver, and he's specially trained for shows and rodeos, and even has his own facebook page! 

“The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us,” Oliver's owner and trainer, Vincent Browning captioned the post. “We really enjoy coming to this location … our favorite Petco BY FAR!!” And the staff members couldn't get enough of Oliver. Neither can I.

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