Growing up on the farm, we attended a small church in a small town. But I'll bet it happens in big churches in big towns, too and every size church in every size town in between.

Twice a year there was a family that was either late for church or early for church.

The 'late for church' morning will be happening this weekend. I can remember there would be one empty space in a pew somewhere in our church. Everyone sat in the exact same spot every Sunday. Filing in family by family, there might be one kid, two kids or seven kids. It didn't matter, we all would walk in and find the same place we sat last Sunday and the Sunday before that and all the Sundays before that.

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Except one family was missing.

Now, normally that would mean someone was sick. Or maybe off on a fishing vacation. Or maybe visiting a distant relative, a cousin or grandparent. But this wasn't a 'normal' weekend. This was the weekend to 'spring forward', the weekend to move the clock ahead an hour before hitting the hay Saturday night. And if you forgot...

...just as church was letting out, when everyone stepped outside for smokes and gossip, you'd see it: A car parked over there, just down the street and the (fill in the blank) family was getting out in their Sunday Best and walking toward the church. And then stopped, looked at each other...and turn a bit red.

Laughter all around, jokes and jostling and then the kids would be off to Sunday School (they were just in time for that) and the parents would go to a neighbors for coffee. Always coffee after church, even if you didn't get there in time.

So this coming Sunday be on the lookout for the 'late comers'. And if you don't spot them, well, you forgot to take those clocks last night and 'spring them forward'.

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