Let those furry friends into your bed, and you might sleep better because of it. According to recent studies, results found that most women who sleep with a dog in their bed get more restful, fulfilling sleep. While there have been conflicting reports that say that sleeping in a bed with a dog could cause worse quality of sleep than with a human partner, these studies show the opposite.

Out of the 1000 US women surveyed, 55 percent of them shared their bed with at least one dog, while 57 percent said they shared their bed with a human partner. Obviously, there must be some overlap. The study showed that pets were often better bed partners than their human companions, providing a better feeling of comfort and security, as well as fewer bedtime disruptions.

The studies also showed that dog owners tended to go to bed and wake earlier than those who owned cats. These assessments were corroborated by research using FitBark activity trackers (like a FitBit for dogs) as well as the human version to show that not only the women slept more soundly, but the dogs did too.

To let that furry friend of yours into your bed at least a few times, you'll both be better off for it.

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