New year’s resolutions often go by the wayside by the second week of the year — at least for most people. But ‘From a Table Away’ hitmaker Sunny Sweeney wasn’t going to start her 2012 with a bad habit. The blonde country starlet announced via her Facebook and Twitter pages that she has officially quit smoking.

To top it all off, she’s stuck with her goal since the beginning of the new year, making the feat all the more of a big success. “Haven’t said anything til now but I wanted to share some good news. I am officially a non smoker,” Sweeney shared on Saturday. “Tomoro is 29 days cigarette free! I am not missing it and loving every minute of it!”

Naturally, fans on the singer’s social media sites were curious about how she was able to pull it off — especially the smokers — and asked Sweeney to share her secrets. “The patch and the e cig,” she told one fan in a direct tweet. The patch is a common device to aid in quitting smoking, as it’s topical and administers a nicotine replacement which helps with withdrawal. The ‘e cig,’ or electronic cigarette, is a mock cigarette that releases a mist to simulate smoking without the health risks.

If Sweeney keeps up the good work, she’ll celebrate a month as a non-smoker on Wednesday.

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