The Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program is offering a new option to help smokers kick the habit.

A free three-month Chantix prescription is being offered to Wyoming residents who enroll in the program by June 30.

"We've offered financial support for Chantix for quite some time, but here for awhile we're going to offer that prescription cost for free," said Wyoming Department of Health Spokeswoman Kim Deti.

"We do know that people have a higher chance of being successful if they put together a good plan that has tools like Chantix or the nicotine replacement options, coupled with that support or coaching," Deti said.

Interested residents can call 1-800-QUIT NOW or visit for more information or to enroll.

"Most people know that smoking is bad for them and many people who smoke really do know that they should quit," said Deti. "When they're ready to make those steps, we want to help them and give them choices and options so that they can find the best plan to be successful in quitting as possible."

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