A man accused of breaking into college dorms in New Jersey and groping young women as they slept has been linked by DNA to a similar incident at The University of Wyoming.

Jon Cannon, 25, faces charges in Albany County for the May 6 incident at UW, in which the UW Police Department received notice of an intruder in the Tri Delta sorority house.

The intruder had apparently gained entry through an open window and proceeded to masturbate in a resident’s room while she was in bed.

UWPD gathered DNA evidence at the scene but were unable to apprehend the suspect, who left the house in an unknown direction.

“We are glad that this suspect has been apprehended and that the DNA match has provided some answers regarding our sorority house incident,” UWPD Chief Mike Samp said in a UW press release. “We take the safety of our students and campus community very seriously, and it is a relief that we appear to be on the road to a resolution in this case.”

Cannon was linked to the UW episode when he was admitted to the Mercer County Pre-Trial Intervention Program in New Jersey after being implicated in two similar incidents at Rider University in Mercer County in fall 2015. Cannon was accused of trespassing into residence halls and groping young women as they slept.

Cannon was required to submit DNA to investigators as part of his submission to the program. The DNA was entered into a database and a match was found with DNA collected by the UWPD. The UWPD were then able to pursue charges against Cannon in mid-December.

In addition to the episodes at Rider University, Cannon is accused of three separate incidents at The College of New Jersey in September and Oct. 2016. During the September incident, Cannon entered a female student’s dorm and masturbated.

The next month Cannon broke into two more dorm rooms and groped women while they were sleeping.

Cannon is being held in jail in Trenton, N.J. Efforts to extradite him to Wyoming are underway.


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