David Rule is a great swimmer. Maybe "great" isn't doing him justice. He just completed a 9-mile swim across the deepest lake in Wyoming. Did I mention this is the 5th time he's done it?

David doesn't have a lot of subscribers on YouTube (yet), but maybe that should change since he's accomplishing things that would be impossible for most of the rest of us. Here's how David described his experience:

Fremont Lake is the deepest lake in Wyoming and stretches 9 miles at the base of the Wind River Range. I first swam across the lake in 2016 and I've swam across it every year since. This is my 5th year attempting the swim, so join along as I paddle across the frigid waters of my favorite glacier lake.

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I probably shouldn't add that I got tired just watching David prepare for this feat. Guess I just did.

By the way, this is what Fremont Lake looks like from the sky. Notice that length?

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Yeah, David just swam that. Impressive. If you haven't already, follow this guy on YouTube. Anyone who can achieve great things like this is worth a subscribe.

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