UW Research Shows Abusive Bosses “Fake Nice”
Research led by a University of Wyoming business management expert shows that abusive bosses may retain their positions by taking steps to repair their social images without acting meaningfully to change their behavior.
Shawn McClean, an assistant professor in UW’s College of Business, joined colleag…
Wildfire Smoke Research
Shane Murphy, a UW Department of Atmospheric Science assistant professor, is setting out to learn more about how that smoke affects air quality, climate and weather this summer as part of a comprehensive study that includes Murphy’s research group.
NFL Innovation Competition
Their winning design in the category of “Advancement in Protective Equipment,” involves a new way of manufacturing material built from liquid-crystal elastomers that lend themselves well to being used as helmet padding.
UW Ram Research
Researchers at the University of Wyoming say that the path to increasing the number of trophy rams in North American Bighorn sheep populations may be contrary to popular belief, according to their recent research paper.
Cheyenne Supercomputer
UW faculty members will lead projects – including identification of promising catalysts for carbon fuel and chemical production, cloud seeding and a study of the Blair-Wallis watershed- that will use the NCAR- Wyoming Supercomputing Center.
UW Graduate Student
Josh Heiner, a Ph.D. student in UW’s Department of physics and astronomy, was selected for the NSF’s East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes program, in conjunction with the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Wyoming’s Wage Gap Is Awful
Since “Equal Pay Day” April 4th, we’ve had no shortage of articles to read on women's wage gap. Wyoming is least proud of The Equality State's biggest gap in the country - 64 percent of men's pay!

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