Terri Clark is working on a pledge campaign for her new album that will directly engage fans and take them through the entire album-making process.

The "I Just Wanna Be Mad For Awhile" singer is working with the direct-to-fan service PledgeMusic for her next studio album which is set for release later this year.

The PledgeMusic campaign will give Terri’s fans who pledge their support some exciting perks. They will have the option to pre-order the new album and receive updates throughout the songwriting, recording and promotional processes.

All “Pledgers” will be invited to listen to the album before it is released to the public during an online party that Terri is planning to host.

Merchandise and personal items such as backstage or studio visits are also being offered.

To pledge your support for Terri's album, go to the website address pledge.terriclark.com

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