Which Wyoming town has reported the most ghost sightings? It's gotta be Cheyenne, Casper or Laramie, right?

Think again.

According the website GhostsofAmerica, the most haunted place in the Cowboy State, by a wide margin, is Gillette.

There have been 31 documented ghost sightings from Gillette, more than double the number of hauntings reported in any other Wyoming town.

Rock Springs ranks second in the state, with 12 sightings.

11 ghosts have also been documented in Cheyenne and the town of Green River.

Laramie is the fifth most haunted town in Wyoming, with 10 reported ghost sightings.

Casper might share its name with a friendly ghost, but it doesn't have many. Ghosts of America reports only five documented ghost sightings in the Oil City.

Overall, there have been over 170 reported ghost sightings across the state.

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