Okay, so Wyoming is a wild place. We all know this, and true Wyomingites love the fact that our state isn't for the weakhearted.

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What makes our state so wild? It's a long list, but I'll stick to the basic. We have hellacious wind, rugged terrain, and dangerous wild critters (I'm looking at you, Yellowstone bison, a.k.a. murder moos.)

But this just in, Wyoming has added a new element of wild and crazy to our list.

Apparently, Wyoming is now home to - wait for it - arson dogs.

Or, arson dog in this case (he may have some arson-committing pals, who knows?)

The story has reached TikTok, where user @WyomingIsWild shares details regarding the incident that occurred on March 25. According to the video, the dog's owner was trying to burn trash on his property using a leather glove. The owner used a leather glove soaked in gasoline to start the fire. It would have been a fairly normal incident, except his pooch suddenly decided it was a GREAT time to play keep-away.

Thus the shenanigans ensue. The dog took off, dropping the glove intermittently while playing keep away. Each drop of the glove led to a spot fire, and eventually, the dog dropped the glove on a pile of tires.

The tires caught fire...and as a result, 17 firefighters had to help put out the flames. A report by County 17 News indicated that three chiefs were also called in to quell the flames. I reached out to Chief Bryan Borgialli at the Campbell County Fire Department for confirmation that it was, in fact, a playful canine that started the fire on March 25, 2023.

Chief Borgialli laughed a bit when he took my call - "Yes, it was a dog that started a fire. His owner was starting a burn barrel with a burning glove, and the dog took off with it."

According to Chief Borgialli, it was the first he'd ever heard of this kind of situation happening. We both agreed he'd have quite the story to tell at future functions and parties.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the incident, excluding the poor mountain of tires. Arson doggo, however, might want to steer clear of keep-away for a while. You can check out the TikTok video below:

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