Wyoming is one of the most wide open places in America. Here's a few roads where you definitely don't want to get lost here in the Cowboy State.

1. Dead's Man Alley - Located in the town of Diamondville, which was named for the 'diamond-like' black coal that came from the local mines. The rough, rugged mining town dates back to the late-1800s when shootouts were a common occurance on the city streets.

2. Death Canyon Trailhead - Five miles from Teton National Park headquarters in Moose, Wyoming, there's a bumpy, dirt road that leads to Death Canyon. When the road ends, you can follow the Death Canyon trail past Death Canyon Barn.

3. Poison Spider Road - Named for the nearby Posion Spider Creek, legend has it this area earned its name when a land surveyor was bitten by a spider and died. It runs west from Casper, up to the Poison Spider OHV Area, which is popular for its ATV, dirtbike and off-road Jeep trails.

4. Haunted Road - We're not exactly sure how this Cheyenne street got its name. The Capital City is well known for its haunted history. Haunted Road is a one block, residential street that intersects with busy Del Range Boulevard.

5. Rattlesnake Pass Road - One of the most historic scenic byways in Wyoming, Rattlesnake Pass follows the old Oregon and Mormon trails from Devil's Gate to Fulkerson Grave, near the ghost town of South Pass. There is also a Rattlesnake Road in Gillette.

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