The Hot Springs of Saratoga are known all around Wyoming, and even for travelers and tourists just passing through looking for interesting attractions, but for hundreds of years, they've been considered healing waters and even a neutral ground by Native Americans. While you can pay to stay in the hot springs resorts in the surrounding areas, one place is and will always been free to the public: known locally as the Hobo Hot Springs.

Temperatures in the pool range from 110 degrees to 120 in the "lobster pot," and the thermally heated hot pool stays that temperature year-round. A bath house was built over the area when more visitors started to venture into the area and find places to enjoy the hot springs.

The Hobo Hot Springs are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and would be a fantastic day trip over the Snowy Range Mountains to check them out if you've got a free weekend.

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