Growing up, playing football and other sports, it's pretty typical for someone to do something disrespectful on the field. It's a sport, emotions run high, people feel great after making a play. I get it. Sometimes, though, you can go a little too far and get some litter on the field. When I say litter, I'm talking about penalty flags.

That's actually what happened in this situation. This TikTok was taken from Josh Allen's time in the Cowboy State during a game. Here, check it out for yourself.

I mean, hey, a great tackle by Josh, though. He was able to stop the guy before he made too much ground. So he's got that going for him. I'm also not really sure who the penalty went on. I mean, the action was pretty rude by the defensive player, but Josh pushed the guy, so that's probably where the flag came from. I don't blame him either way. The guy did him dirty. I mean, he became a state hero. Really, he's on point to become a national hero as an athlete with kids looking up to him for years to come.

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Oh well, this is years old by now, but still, it's something we miss here, seeing our own gunslinger get fired up after a play. Even when it was after a bad play. Hopefully, it's something that Coach Bohl will be able to bring back with his locker room full of quarterbacks that he has collected now.

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