Ned LeDoux, the son of Wyoming's own and legendary country singer/professional rodeo cowboy Chris LeDoux is opening for Garth Brooks at the National FFA Organization Convention this evening.

Chris and Garth were best of friends, so much so that when Garth found out Chris needed a liver transplant, he was going to give him part of his.  Garth's first single off his first album was about Chris.  One of the last times Chris and Garth Performed together was right here in Cheyenne at Frontier Days.  A few months ago Garth talked about his last performance at CFD and how it was with Chris.

Ned is the opening act for Garth this evening at the National FFA Organization Convention.  This looks to be the second time Ned has opened for Garth.  Although Ned talks about what an honor it is to open to Garth, I am sure it is more of an honor for Garth to have his best friends son to open his shows.

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