Normally Doc is the one who finds all the gorgeous Wyoming videos.

So, I was super excited to come across this stunning fifteen-minute video from Nicolaus Wegner.

I love that it's not just our Wyoming skis (which are beautiful) but the wide variety of landscapes that our state has.

From rugged mountains to calm streams and sun-drenched prairie flowers to snow-covered hills, Wegner showcases it all.

He even shows every time of the day. From star-filled skies and lightning flashing from behind the peaks of the mountains to the blazing hot sun, it's a genuine look at all that Wyoming has to offer.

The music and sound effects are perfectly timed to create a dramatic video that will have you gasping and grabbing the person closest to you to ensure they see it too!

It has been a while since Wegner has created a video, I can only hope he is working on a new one now...

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