New Year's Eve sparks a fire in many people.  This is the time of the year that these people reflect on the accomplishments and short comings of the past 12 months.  In turn, people are now setting their goals for the upcoming year by way of New Years resolutions.

The beginning of a new year is like a fresh start for many people.  When making a list of resolutions, people look at the the things they would like to change, start doing, or do better.  Here is the list for the 5 most common new years resolutions.

Lose Weight/ Diet/ Eat Healthier - Whether it's just a few holiday pounds to be lost or a significant life changing regimen, weight loss is the top new years resolution.  Millions of Americans pledge themselves to better health every year, even though a small percent stick to and achieve this goal.
Lose weight
Quit Smoking - This one is close second for millions of Americans.  Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things for smokers to do successfully.  It's one more step in the direction of better health.
Manage Debt - Everyone has experienced the burden of debt.  Debt can cause stress on financial wellness, relationships, family, and overall happiness.  Nobody is happy when buried in bills that don't go away.  To manage ones debt and become free from it's hold is one of the best joys for millions of Americans.
unpaid bills
Get a Better Job - Those not happy with their current job situation strive for better employment in the upcoming year.  Whether they would like to make more money or just would like a more desirable work environment, a better job is the goal of countless people around New Years.
constuction workers
Get a Better Education - This one slightly ties into the better job category.  Many Americans are deciding to go to or go back to school for more education.  Better education equals better money in most cases.
Back to School

Whatever your resolution is, do your best to stick with it and keep it.  If you do, this time next year will feel more rewarding and less regretful.

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