Trace Adkins and Kristin Chenoweth had a lot of laughs right away as hosts of the 2011 American Country Awards.

The two engaged in a “sing off” when Chenoweth challenged Adkins to sing ‘Oklahoma’ — which he nailed right at the get-go. Cameras scanned the audience as he sang and caught Carrie Underwood singing right along from the crowd.

Adkins then challenged his actress-singer co-host to sing his song ‘Honky Tonk Bodonkadonk.’ Not only did she do a terrific version — surrounded by male dancers — but shed her red “boxing” robe to reveal a country shirt, jeans and boots. Her jeans had a comically large addition to the back which she shook as she sang.

The “sing off” seemed to ease whatever tension could have resulted from Adkins, who was noticeably nervous last year when he hosted — without a co-host.

“I hosted the show last year [and] I thought I did a pretty good job, what did you think?’ Adkins had asked the crowd at the beginning of the show. “Some people in the network didn’t think I followed rules too well — didn’t read prompter too well. This year, they’re  giving me a co-host to keep me in line.”

Seems as though Chenoweth is doing her part of the bargain — and a good one at that!


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