Not many things better than waking early while on a camping trip. The birds chirping, the dew on the grass, the sights & sounds of the world waking up, bacon frying and coffee brewing over an open fire. Those thoughts put me in a great mood just thinking about them.

There are only a couple things that could really mess up your early morning camping plans...Rain, the bacon burning, spilling your coffee, a moose interrupting breakfast, a hole in your air mattress...WAIT, A MOOSE INTERRUPTING BREAKFAST????? That would be quite the interesting turn of events that may put a damper on your morning in the wilderness.

That is exactly what happened to YouTube User: Home On The Roam. The action happened earlier this month while they were camping in Northwest Wyoming in Bondurant (which is just south of Jackson). After watching the video, it seems Bullwinkle was just curious about what kind of truck the campers had and what was for breakfast for the campers and himself.

Even though no one was injured or too shook up, it surely had to make the heart pump a little harder. Personally, I've had a few encounters with wild life ,while becoming one with nature, on camping trips. A couple black bears decided to make their presence know, squirrels have snacked on my peanuts while my back was turned and the cackle & yelp of Coyotes have rang through the forest (always a hair raising experience). I've never had the experience of Mr. or Mrs. Moose coming in.

Take a look at the calm moose doing a little investigating before snacking on some roughage!

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