The University of Wyoming has reached a new milestone, as the Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Laboratory (WABL) in UW’s Department of Computer Science has not only minted its first block on the Cardano network but in fact, has minted 121 blocks and counting as of June 15.

The UW Department of Accounting and Finance is a partner in this success.

The staking operation benefits UW not only through monetary returns but also by providing real-world experience for students and opportunities for researchers.

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UW students also benefit from these operations, as students in the Department of Computer Science can learn about blockchain, systems administration, security, peer-to-peer networks, and modeling and simulation, among other things. In the Department of Accounting and Finance, students learn about blockchain, digital market assets, the effect of parameters on market returns, and sustainability, among other things.

Researchers can also use the information generated during staking operations to further theories of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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