The National Weather Service of Cheyenne still has a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 10 p.m July 29, 2016 for the following areas in Wyoming.

This Watch Includes four counties in Southeast Wyoming: Albany, Goshen, Laramie, Platte; which also includes the cities of: Bordeaux, Bosler, Cheyenne. Guernsey, Laramie, Torrington and Wheatland.

This comes only days after Pine Bluffs was devastated with large damage causing hail.

The sound of hail on a steel roof is loud, really loud. Cheyenne got hit with some pretty decent sized hail Friday early evening. Check out the cacophonous noise as the hail beat down on the Southside of Cheyenne.


Here is another video of two dogs, Emma and Huxley, doing their part in the hail cleanup business.


Jaimel Blajszczak
Seneca Riggins, Townsquare Media