Christmas is about a lot of things, especially family. Sometimes people's lives take them to places that prevent them from spending the holiday with loved ones. The business of protecting the United States doesn't take a Christmas break, soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen are among those that have to sacrifice being home for the holidays.

Thankfully we live in a time when videos can be easily shared. Here are a few members of the military who have roots in Wyoming, but are stationed around the world with some holiday greetings.

Spc. Joe Kuntz from Powell, Wyoming

Spc. Jones

MSG Dianne Smith

CPL Marlow

Chief Warrant Officer Troy Glick and Sergeant Ashley Ott From Laramie

Chief Warrant Officer Brian Coleman and Chief Warrant Office James Butcher

The 2nd Platoon, C Battery, 2-300 Field Artillery Regiment, currently serving forward in Iraq

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