One of the many plethora of reasons why Yellowstone is considered a must-experience destination is the fact that you will sometimes witness nature's food chain in action. That was the case a few days ago as tourists saw a grizzly cub hunt elk.

Here's the original video that was recently shared on YouTube:

Here's how a passerby described the encounter:

As we drove through Yellowstone on June 21, 2020, we saw a herd of elk on a ridge. All of a sudden, the whole herd moved in unison up the hill and I looked to the left to see a grizzly cub chasing the herd. As they moved across the ridge, the cub was gaining on a young elk, but they disappeared over the backside of the ridge.

They also mentioned that someone else who had a viewing point over the ridge said the grizzly cub did end up catching up to a calf. Like I said, sometimes nature reveals who eats who when you visit Yellowstone.

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