Let's say you had a circumstance where it just worked better to go out for Thanksgiving Dinner. Would any Cheyenne Restaurant be open? The answer is yes, but just barely.

The first place we called in advance, said "No, sorry, we are not open." Asking if they knew of a good restaurant that might be, the response was, "Well, there really aren't any restaurants open Thanksgiving in Cheyenne." Turns out that's almost correct.

Wyoming Rib & Chop House - not open. Steamboats Steakhouse & Smokehouse - not open. Sanford's Grub and Pub - not open. 2 Doors Down - not open (in fact closed next week from Sunday through Friday).

Twin Dragon - Chinese for Thanksgiving? – not open anyway. Tortilla Factory - not open even if you love Mexican any day. And all seven Taco John’s are closed.

So, one might be think, "Oh, man, it may have to be Denny's." Open every holiday at the College Drive exit off I-25, it's great for travelers, but ...

If you want a little more of a spread for Thanksgiving Dinner, there is Little America Hotel and Resort and Hathaway's not closed, and even expanding for Turkey Day into The Grand Ballroom. Is that more like it?