You may think every movie you like is pure gold, but deep down inside, we know we have some guilty pleasures. Maybe it's a movie so cheesy, so funny, so gross or so gory that we just can't help but love it.

Telecommunications website CenturyLink recently released a list of each state's (and D.C.) favorite "bad" movie. Some of the movies that made numerous appearances were 1993's Super Mario Bros., the atrocious Batman & Robin and The Emoji Movie (which we really didn't think was that bad).

The number one favorite bad movie for the Cowboy State was Wild Wild West. While it wouldn't have been my first choice, I can't deny that I do really enjoy that movie. Maybe it's because it's a Will Smith film or maybe just because it's funny, I still love it! Our neighbors in Montana also agree with our choice.

Let us know your personal favorite bad movie in the comments section!

Bad Movie Infogram

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