Here are the poll results for Cheyenne's Favorite Bartender.

Well, we know not everyone in Cheyenne who frequents a bar voted, but we can tell you the sample size is quite large. Big decisions have been made based on much lower percentages.

In short, have the most popular based on the simply worded question of bartender's first name, and the bar. We kept it nice and simple, as follows for these top 5 favorites behind the bar:

5. Amanda - The Green Door

4. Sean - Wasabi

3. Jen - Alf's

2. Sissy - Scooters

1. Pandora - The Redwood

Congratulations to Pandora! Well, of course, all five are to be congratulated. Alf's did really well, having been close to the only location with two bartenders in the top 5. Their Lari almost cracked that at number six. The place with the most votes not in the top 5 is Suite Bistro, for both Jeff (seventh) and Joe (ninth).

If you voted for any of the winners, do pass on our congrats. We also hope it just sells more drinks for them all. If this poll helps get anyone a raise, you're welcome.

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