In case you don't have access to watch any sort of channel that has anything to do with NBC, you may not have realized that the Winter Olympics are less than a week away. In fact, the first events for this year's Winter Olympics kickoff on Thursday, February 3rd. At some point, you may end up watching at least one event while its happening. So what is Wyoming's most popular Winter Olympics sport?

As someone who grew up following the sport of hockey my whole life, I assumed almost everyone's favorite Winter Olympics event would be just that. However, if you assumed the same as I did, you would be way off as hockey is not even the most popular sport in the U.S. In fact, it's not even close.

Upgraded Points recently used Google trends to find what the most popular Winter Olympics sport was in each state. First, let's take a look at some picks from surrounding states.

In Colorado, given their affinity for skiing, it was Freestyle Skiing that came out as the most popular Winter Olympics sport there. However, they were literally the only state that chose as such. In Nebraska, they had to be a little different and for some reason, I feel like this fits, but Curling was their choice. Only Minnesota and Nevada picked Curling with them. Utah chose Bobsled as their most popular as they were the only state to choose as such while Montana chose Skeleton. Yes, that's an event. You lie head first and prone on a flat-sled. It's probably not the safest.

As for Wyoming, we went with the majority. The most popular event in all of the country is the same as our pick and it's not even close. The most popular Winter Olympics sport in Wyoming is Figure Skating. There were also 22 other states besides us that chose Figure Skating. The next closest was Luge in nine states. I had no idea that would be the result so if you're shocked, I am as well. Of course, the U.S. does have quite the legacy in Figure Skating with the likes of Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan throughout the years so perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised.

So there it is. Wyoming loves its Figure Skating. Whatever your personal favorite event is, it all starts on February 4th in Beijing (technically February 3rd here) so get ready because the Winter Olympics start next week!

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